Alpha/Beta Personality Test

1.I tend to be bossy?
2.I try hard to please my partner?
3.I’m hot tempered?
4.I put friendships above ambition?
5.People sometimes say I’m arrogant?
6.I try to see other points of view?
7.I was/am a big party person in college?
8.I tend to dwell on my mistakes?
9.I love the adrenalin rush of gambling?
10.I procrastinate on projects at home and at work?
11.I don’t really keep to any budget?
12.I tend to be cautious about spending money?
13.I can crush people with my criticism?
14.I empathize easily with other people’s problems?
15.I’m a doer, not a talker?
16.I’m cautious about most decisions.
17.I am super confident?
18.I frequently stay awake at night thinking about what I should have said?
19.I don’t hesitate to assert my needs in a relationship?
20.I shut down when I am overwhelmed?
21.I’m gutsier than a lot of my friends?
22.I love playing with kids?
23.Once I make up my mind, I’m hard to budge?
24.I hate confrontations?
25.I am sometimes so confident that I underestimate the competition?
26.I will do almost anything to avoid a fight with a friend?
27.I’m a control freak; if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done?
28.I go out of my way to make people feel comfortable?
29.I frequently cancel dates at the last minute?
30.I love a tete a tete with a close friend more than a party?
31.I’m happy in the spotlight?
32.I need the affirmation of others to feel really good about myself?
33.I like to get my way?
34.I am hesitant to take credit for work I do as part of a team?
35.I act confident even if I am not feeling it?
36.I am good at taking care of other people?
37.I have an entrepreneurial spirit?
38.When things go wrong, I blame myself?
39.I always speak my mind?
40.I’m cautious with people I don’t know?
41.Other people’s achievements make me work harder?
42.I try to intuit other people’s feelings?
43.I am very competitive?
44.It’s better to be gentle than blunt?
45.I don’t like apologizing?
46.I find myself apologizing for many things that happen?
47.I am very intense about my life and keep my goals front and center?
48.I worry about other people’s opinions of me?
49.Other people make more mistakes than I do?
50.I tend to be a very laid back person?
51.I am aggressive about getting what I want?
52.I take pride in being a caring lover?
53.I am smarter than most people?
54.I often become overwhelmed when I am angry?
55.I do most things to the max?
56.I worry about my partner cheating on me?
57.I love exploring new places and meeting new people?
58.For men: I would never talk down to a woman?
59.Taking risks is really fun?
60.I’m a little inhibited sexually?
61.I naturally take the lead in groups?
62.It’s important to be a good partner in a relationship?
63.For women: I am never intimidated by men?
64.I’m a worrier?
65.People kid me about how I take up all the space in a room?
66.I let people know I’m angry without actually saying so?
67.I love being challenged?
68.A perfect evening is to order in and watch a movie?
69.Other people come up short a lot of the time?
70.I am devastated if I unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings?
71.I like to take on a difficult project and prove I can do it?
72.I hate dealing with money problems?
73.I am a dominant person?
74.I have benefitted from some therapy?
75.Sometimes it is hard not to make a snarky comment?
76.I feel guilty a lot?
77.Having power is a turn-on?
78.I almost always see an argument from both sides?
79.I like to experiment sexually.
80.I’m a team player?
81.I make sure that people pay attention to me?
82.Ouch! Sometimes people can really hurt me?
83.My arguments are usually hard-hitting?
84.When things go wrong, I usually blame myself?
85.I know just when to go in for the kill?
86.I follow the rules?
87.I don’t really care what people think of me?
88.I respect the opinions of others?
89.My opinions are hard and fast?
90.I sometimes have to talk myself out of self-doubt?
91.I take the sexual initiative?
92.It’s important to strive for consensus?
93.I initiate in many ways: choosing a restaurant, a movie, an apartment, etc?
94.I am a good mediator, because I don’t take sides?
95.I make decisions quickly; why waste time?
96.I try to please people a lot?
97.I like to give advice?
98.I tend to be anxious in new situations?
99.If it’s important, I’ll play hardball in a negotiation?
100.I hate to upset other people?

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