Leadership Test

1.You are in the center of attention?
2.Most people you know have a higher social status than your own?
3.You avoid giving your opinions?
4.You enjoyed being a leader as a child?
5.People think you are indecisive?
6.Very few people are capable of being leaders?
7.You don’t take any important decisions without consulting others?
8.You are easily angered?
9.You are secretly enjoying the fact that others are afraid of you
10.You like to be in control of any given situation, no matter how insignificant it is?
11.You impress others?
12.You feel uneasy and helpless when others disagree with you?
13.You are an activist and/or volunteer?
14.If something you planned didn’t work out as expected, you will simply move on and do something else?
15.You think that leaders should personally participate in projects they are responsible for?
16.You prefer to work with proactive people and independent thinkers?
17.You avoid sensitive subjects?
18.You know how to win over others?
19.In challenging situations, when you don’t know what to do, you simply go with the flow?
20.You feel uneasy around people who are just as savvy and competent as you?
21.You are suspicious of people who seem to be too friendly?
22.You value others’ contributions?
23.You prefer working for a boss who values your opinions and shares his responsibility with you?
24.You think that all important decisions in your company should be taken after consulting all parties concerned?
25.You often feel that others don’t appreciate you as they should?

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